Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about FTPbox.

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In order to run FTPbox, you need to have the following:
  • An FTP account that has permissions to create, edit and delete files and directories
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4, which you can find here

That's not a problem, really. If you don't have a host already, you can sign up for a free hosting plan and get one for free. There are many websites out there offering free web hosting, only make sure that whichever you pick supports managing files with FTP.
Another option would be to pay for a host, if of course you can afford it. You can find hosts from as little as 1$ per month. Find a service that fits your needs (except GoDaddy), that's totally up to you!

Syncing your files is really easy with FTPbox. All you have to do is install FTPbox on each computer and set it up. Then, just edit your files and save them locally, in the folder you have selected, and let FTPbox take care of the rest! FTPbox will upload the changed file to your host and then syncrhonize it across all your computers.

FTPbox is in a beta state, which means a lot more are about to come! But here's a list of what's on top of the to-do list:
  • Porting to Linux and Mac OSX
  • Revisioning
  • One-way syncing

It means that the project is not yet complete. It means that FTPbox is still missing some big features, and that it might not be very stable. In your part, it means that your feedback is very important for the future of FTPbox! You should also note that, because it's still in beta, misfunctioning is possible, so you should make sure your files are safe at all times! I suggest that you use a different FTP account for the remote folder you sync to, and that you have any important files in that folder backed-up, just to be safe in case something goes wrong.

The web interface is a way of viewing and even managing your files directly from your web browser. For now, you can only upload and remove files, but more is about to come, like viewing and editing files directly from your browser. Don't forget to protect your web interface with a password, if you want your files to be safe at all times!

Well, there's actually many things we could use some help with. Here's some:
  • Help us port FTPbox to Mono for Linux/OSX or even make an iOS/Android app
  • Help in the development of the Web Interface
  • Help with new features
  • Fix existing bugs and send a patch
There's no limit in the ways you can help, any kind of help is appreciated. If you decide to help us out, let us know first by contacting

Troubleshooting & Support

This error should be fixed from version 1.8.5 and later. It occurs when FTPbox doesn't have permissions to create and/or edit the settings.xml file inside the 'Program Files' folder. In that case, there's two ways of getting it to work: either reinstall FTPbox to another folder or change the permissions of 'FTPbox.exe'. Running FTPbox as administrator should also work, but that's not so practical, now, is it?

There are two ways in which you can feedback: either submitting your problem to the UserVoice tracker, or by sending an email to Sending an email is better than using the tracker, though, as I get instantly notified about your message.

It's really simple: from the options window of FTPbox, navigate to the "Language" tab and click "Translate". Fill in your language options (or select an existing translation to improve it) and hit continue. The next form you'll see contains all the strings that need to be translated. For each string in the left column, type your translation on the right column and when they're all filled-in, click "Finish". Lastly, select the folder where your translation file will be saved, and then email that file to

In order for the web interface to work properly, your remote sync folder should be accessible from a web browser and the server must have php installed. If php is not installed, you'll see that when visiting the web interface from your browser, it'll download a file instead of showing the actual interface!

If you're getting a "Parse Error" when trying to view the Web Interface, it's probably because your PHP is out of date. Login to your cPanel and check the installed PHP version. If it's earlier than 5, update it to the the latest version available and try refreshing the page. (this might take a couple of minutes).