Progress made within the past month

Hello everyone,

I decided to start this blog, where I’ll write anything concerning the progress of FTPbox. In this first post I’d like to inform you about the delay for a new release, which you may have noticed.

I know it’s been some time since the last release, but there’s a reason for this. For more than a month now I have been re-writing FTPbox, in order to:

  1. Fix some major issues regarding the functionality of FTPbox.
  2. Make the code as clean and nice as possible, as it needs to be comprehensible by other coders that wish to get involved.
  3. Make a Linux/Mac version of FTPbox. I have been re-writing FTPbox in MonoDevelop from Ubuntu, and I’ll then transfer the code to windows/mac.
  4. Change the SFTP library, as the old one doesn’t seem to be developed anymore, and it had some issues

In these past weeks I’ve managed to make quite some progress. I have managed to get syncing to work both ways, and I could easily say what I’ve made so far is more stable than the current Windows release.

Main Changes (for now):

To sum things up, the new release is ready for the most part, I’ll only have to fix some details and then transfer the code for Windows/Mac, which shouldn’t be hard.

The new release will also include three new translations: Simplified/Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese.

Thanks for reading.