FTPbox v2.2.1 now available

Hello everyone,

Ever since the latest Web Interface release I have been working on the windows client and this is what I managed to pull together in the past week or so. A short release with some important bug fixes and a few cool additions!

First off, I decided to make it easier for contributors to translate FTPbox by creating a custom Translate form. The user fills in the translation strings and the program generates the xml data, which the user is prompted to email to [email protected]

The form looks like this ( filled in with Spanish for reference ) :

Translate Form

As promised in the previous post, the Web Interface now updates automatically. The program checks for an update at start-up and, if there is one, prompts for download.

I have also started working on what I consider a very major feature: checking if files are in use (still being transferred etc) before syncing them. This should require more work and testing, but it’s something that has to be done!

Some bugs of the previous release have also been fixed:

  1. When using the SFTP protocol, the GetComPath function would ‘corrupt’ the returned path if the remote directory happens to be the root folder of the server.
  2. When syncing files with big file names, the tray text would exceed the 64-char limit and throw an error.

tl;dr : Check out the Changelog Page

Thanks for reading