Introducing Context Menus in FTPbox 2.2.2

Hello everyone,

I know context menus is a much anticipated and requested feature, and I’m very happy to announce that it’s now official. From this release (v2.2.2), FTPbox will add a nice menu to the right-click menus of your files and folders. If you right-click a file inside your local syncing folder, you’ll get the option to Copy HTTP link, Open in browser and Synchronize. For files/folders outside the local folder, you’ll just get the option to move them to your local folder. It took me quite some time to figure the Windows Registry out because of the poor documentation of Microsoft, which is why I didn’t add this feature earlier.

Along with context menus, the new release comes with improvements in functionality. FTPbox now uses temporary files to confirm that transfers have been completed successfully before replacing the outdated files, in order to prevent file corruption.

Some bugs have also been fixed, the most significant regarding the deletion of files. As a default, files were being deleted permanently from the local machine, but from now on they’ll be sent to the recycle bin.

3 new translations have also been added: Portuguese, Slovak and Galician.

Thanks for reading!