Officially moving source code to Github

Ever since the source code of FTPbox was released more than a year ago, it has been available on both the Google Code trunk (SVN) and the Github repository (Git). You may have noticed, however, that the source code of versions 1.8.5 and earlier has only been updated in the Github repository, and that I’m only mentioning the Github repository when I refer to the source code.

I have been using Github more and more for the past few months, which made me realize that it’s a better option than Google Code. For that reason, I decided to officially store the Source Code in the Github repository and forget about Google Code. Even if you’re not familiar with Git, Github offers the option to grab the source code using SVN, or even download it in a zip format, which is a huge plus.

Along with this decision, I moved the Github repository to an organization some time ago, and separated the Web Interface. Here are the links:

That’s all for now, but I will add new repositories for the source code of the Linux and Mac ports soon. From now on, I will make sure to organize the issue tracker and keep it up-to-date with the latest issues that I find or other users report. Please note that, because the repository has moved to a new link, any links I shared on twitter regarding the old Github repository will not work anymore…

I hope this decision will encourage developers to get involved with the development of FTPbox!

Thanks for reading.