FTPbox v2.3 New-Year Edition

Hello everyone,

To start with, I wish all of the contributors and users of the FTPbox project have a happy new year!

As my small gift to you all, I have prepared the update of FTPbox to be released on the first day of 2013.

In this release, I have included a feature that has been requested by many users in the past: File Filters. This new feature gives you control over what gets synchronized to and from your local machine. For now, the filter options include:

  1. Files/Folders: you can filter out specific files or folders
  2. Extensions: you can filter out files with specific extensions

More filter options are planned to be included in the future, like (the requested) filters based on last-modified datetime of files.

Along with File Filters, I changed the WebUI updating system to use the AppData folder to prevent permissions-related errors in the Program Files folder. Some changes to the app’s update system and other bug fixes have also been made.

The release also includes a translation to Czech, along with fixes for the existing Thai translation.

Thanks for reading