Still alive – v2.3.2 now available

Yes, I know… It’s been 3 months since the previous release, and I apologise for that. Lately my free time has been very limited so, even though this release was mostly ready weeks ago, I only just found the chance to publish it!

This release comes with a feature that has been requested by many users: multiple profiles. Users can now set up more than one accounts and easily switch between them from the Account tab. (syncing to multiple accounts simultaneously is something I have in mind for future releases)

FTPbox 2.3.2 also introduces ask-for-password support for users that do not wish to have their passwords saved in the configuration file…

However, this release was mainly focused on the source code, as I put some good effort into cleaning up and organizing it to be more comprehensible by others. Hopefully this will encourage more people to get involved! Also , the awesome JSON.NET and DotNetZip libraries have been used to replace the previous XML and ZIP libraries accordingly. As a result, JSON format is now used in the configuration files…

Other changes include moving Debug.html to the %AppData% folder and changing the format of FTPbox-generated temporary files, in order to not confuse them with other temp files.

From now on, I will try to keep the updates small but frequent, in order to be able to also work on and release updates for the WebUI and hopefully the Linux version!

Thanks for reading