Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of this project?

FTPbox aims to be an easy to use, hassle-free alternative to commercial file-hosting services, such as Dropbox. At the same time, the project aims to provide power-users with advanced configuration options, so that they can customize it to best suit their needs.

What do I need to run FTPbox?

In order to run FTPbox, you will need .NET Framework 4.5 or later.

What about devices that run an FTP server?

Many devices (NAS devices etc) allow connecting and accessing files over FTP. In theory, FTPbox should work with such devices.

However, because of implementation differences across such devices, it is recommended that you test FTPbox with your device before using it with important files.

I found a bug / I am having problems. How can I give feedback?

You can report any problems on the project's UserVoice tracker. Please first make sure that your problem has not already been reported by another user. If it has, you can add additional information that might help in solving the problem.

You can also contact us directly via email: [email protected].

How can I write a translation for FTPbox?

It's really simple: from the Options window of FTPbox (in General tab) click the Translate button. Fill in your language options (or select an existing translation to improve it) and hit continue. The next form you'll see contains all the strings that need to be translated. For each string in the left column, type your translation on the right column and when they're all filled-in, click Finish. Lastly, select where your translation file will be saved, and then email that file to [email protected]

What is required to use the web interface?

Make sure PHP 5 or later is installed on your server, and that a web server (apache/nginx/etc) is installed and running. Your web server must be configured to serve the content of your remote sync folder.