Few thoughts and updates (v2.4)
Published Jul 08 2013

version 2.4 :

As explained later on, release 2.4.1 focuses mainly on backend-functionality. Significant changes are the following:

The changes have been pushed, the updated source can be found in the Github Repository.

Linux and OSX ports :

The Linux port is currently being tested, and will be available for public beta testing within the next days. Updates will be posted here soon! The OSX port has been started, but priority has been given to Linux port as it is nearly complete.

Bug Tracker :

I have decided to stick with UserVoice as the bug tracker. It is much nicer, and also the SourceForge tracker is full of duplicates and even spam comments (yes, their spam filters are not so efficient)

To-Do :

I have made my to-do list on trello.com public, you can find it here.

Few Thoughts …

Any developer reading this post would agree with me on this: dealing with old code isn’t the best experience one can have. Especially when it comes to old, badly written/documented code. And the case with FTPbox was no different: poor code quality, along with the lack of good organization and project planning, made working on this project somewhat frustrating. I did make a few improvements here and there over the past few months, but the main thing remained a mess…

So I decided it’s time to change this: I made a simple project plan and organized the code based on it, getting rid of all the unnecessary parts. I aimed for a core library that works on all platforms, focusing on simplicity and functionality.

As a result of the above, the application should be a lot more stable now, and porting to OSX / Linux will be much easier …

Thanks for reading

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